Heatpump noise level comparison

Written By Neil Baptista 12/1/2018
Unit for comparison dBA (A weighted decibel). A logarithmic unit used to measure sound pressure level as percived by the human ear. The higher the dBA number the louder is the sound.
When it comes to heatpump dBA measurements, the higher the fan speed setting, the higher the dBA which is why there is a min/max dBA number. A higher kW heatpump. We will compare the 2.5kW heatpump across brands.

  • Misubishi GE25 - 19/42dBA
  • Daikin FTXS25L - 22/39dBA
  • Fujitsu General ASTG09 - 22/42dBA
  • GREE GWH09 - 31/42dBA
  • Haier AS26N - 23/42dBA
  • Panasonic CS-Z25 - 19/42dBA
  • Hitachi RAS25 - 22/39dBA

The above data is collected from the respective data sheets and technical specifications. As you can see there is not much difference in the dBA through the various brands. You can access these data sheets by clicking the respective brands alongside.
Fujitsu General