Heatpump Brands Cost Analysis

Written By Neil Baptista 12/1/2018
​​Maintenance Cost
An ongoing heatpump maitenance service is an important factor to consider for cost analysis.
The maintenance costs relies on number of hours used. This maintenance cost is not the DIY filter cleaning that needs to be done by the user at regular intervals, but heatpump service done by a qualified person, which if not done will significantly increase energy usage by an estimated 25%.
A standard under controlled system would require more frequent maintenance which needless to say increases maintenence costs. As opposed to a well controlled heatpump which will require a less frequent service. 

Why do you need our heatpump maintenance service?
There are a number of customers who do not maintain their heatpumps. A non-maintained heatpump will have higher running costs and shorter life span not to mention your increased carbon footprint due to the un-neccesary extra energy usage. 

Who do you call for this heatpump service?
We at Baps Electrical Ltd. provide this heatpump service. Our service technicians are licensed and service more than 5,000 domestic customers Auckland Wide. Please book this service by visiting our heatpump maintenace service page or click the buttons below. Our technicians may not be able to answer calls but a text message should get them to call back. 

Over the years in the business of domestic heatpump installation, I've realised that there are four factors that should be included in a heatpump cost analysis.

  1. Efficiency
  2. Maintenance costs
  3. Failure
  4. Not-maintaining condition 

Energy Star Rating (ESR) of the popular brands of heatpump is a good way to analyze the efficiency of heatpumps. Below I have listed the energy star ratings of the various popular brand of heatpumps.

  • Misubishi GE25                - 4/4.5
  • Daikin FTXS25L                - 4.5/5
  • Fujitsu General ASTG09 - 4/4.5
  • GREE GWH09                   - 3/3
  • Haier AS26N                     - 3/3.5
  • Panasonic CS-Z25            - 4/4.5
  • Hitachi RAS25                   - 4/4.5

(The above data was collected from the respective data sheets and technical specifications. You can access these data sheets by clicking the respective brands alongside.)

Capital VS Running Costs
By spending more money upfront on a more efficient heatpump, you will most certainly save on running and on going maintenance costs. In contrast less money upfront which looks good initially, but can eat into your savings overtime. Making an good investment now can pay itself within a few years.

As mentioned earlier Energy Star Rating is a good way to rate the efficiency of heatpumps. However, in modern heatpumps, it's all about control.  While the ESR and EER of the modern heatpump only differs slightly at nominal conditions, it is their control that deliver the annual savings. When you have the technologies to control the machine you can deliver comfort, and energy savings. An optimised well controlled heatpump will increase comfort levels leading to a healthy environment and reduce your carbon footprint.

It is imporatant to note that with every1 Degree temperature decrease below standard 22 Degrees in winter can increase your your energy usage by 15%. Vice versa with every 1 Degree increase above standard in summer can increase your energy usage by 10%..

Control such as occupancy sensor mode (Daikin), single occupant mode (Samsung), WiFi control, daylight cool mode (Samsung) etc. will increase your control over the heatpump.

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